Enjoy a wonderful midsummer stay

St. Hans is almost midsummer – it does not exactly fit the date, but near enough. We celebrate St. Hans Even on the 23. of June

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Why do we celebrate St. Hans

St. Hans has strong and magical traditions in Denmark. For example, did you know that if a girl picks 9 kinds of flowers St. Hans Eve at midnight and put them under her pillow, her future husband will appear in her dreams. And if you collect flowers on St. Hans and lick the dew, you will have a long life.

St. Hans is typically celebrated with a big bonfire with a figure that resembles a witch, a speech and afterwards everyone sings Midsommervisen - a Danish song by Holger Drachmann.

The thing with the witch comes from the old folklore. St. Hans Eve and midsummer were almost on the same date, and since Midsummer had the longest day and shortest night it had a particularly magical meaning. The bonfire was therefore used to get rid of the power from evil wizards and witches because they believed that they were more active on such a holy evening.

Celebrate the Danish way

Try the Danish way of celebrating St. Hans, in a Holiday House close to the beach. Here at Skagen Strand you can rent a holiday home for 5 or 6 + 1 person. All the accommodations are fully equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay. The holiday homes have a private south-facing terrace and they are situated in the most beautiful nature only 800 meters from Hulsig Beach.

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During your stay here at Skagen Strand you can participate in the celebration og St. Hans Eve

At Hulsig Beach there will be a big bonfires the night of the 23. of June. Here the kids can make the Danish snobrød (A twisted bread on a stick with a thin ‘sausage’ inside, prepared over the embers from the bonfire).This is a great way of getting some Danish ‘Hygge’ into a night around the bonfire. You can buy soft drinks and beer.

You can also experience the celebration at Skagen Sønderstrand by `Vippefyret`.  Here thousands of people get together and this creates a very special atmosphere. Here is also a big bonfire, speech and singing.

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