Late summer and Autumn at Skagen Strand

Enjoy the late summer and autumn at Skagen Strand Holidaycenter

Autumn is a wonderful time - especially here in our own beautiful country. After a warm, long and beautiful summer, the air is sharper and fresher, and the warm and clear colors of Northern Jutland create a perfect setting for beautiful experiences.

And still there might be some of those lovely warm days that you can spend on the sandy beaches, having a picnic, playing around and enjoying your holiday.

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Are you on your way through Denmark and need a nice place to stay – even if it is for only one night? This is of course possible at our Holiday Center. If you arrive the same day and has not booked beforehand, you should call our reception to make a reservation, call +45 9848 7222. They will be happy to help you.

We are open all year and you choose your arrival and departure time as you wish.

Hiking during your holiday

A walk in the fresh air and some physical activity simply do wonders. Hiking in nature is one of the best things for both body and soul, and then you get a good dose of the important vitamin "N" (Nature).

In our area there are many different hiking trails whether you are for short or long distances. You will pass many famous places and sights, and the terrain is not too demanding. For example, you can walk past the Råbjerg Mile and the Sanded Church. There are many hiking trails to choose from. Would you rather ride a bike, here is plenty of opportunity for that too.

Art and culture

It is obvious to take the trip into Skagen town -  and here you can, for example, visit the Skagen Museum. The easiest way to get there is by train, and It only takes 12 minutes from the train station that is right outside our front door.  Or else you can of course go by car

Skagen is a very charming town. Stroll along the harbor and enjoy lunch at one of the cozy cafés and go visit Grenen, where the two Oceans meet.  Look here for more experiences in our area.

Facilities at Skagen Strand

Here is plenty to experience, both for adults and small and large children. Among other things, we have a small but very nice water park with water slide. Every Saturday morning, there is Quiet Hour, which is open to adults only. Otherwise there is access for everyone and the water park is open every day from 08:30 to 21:00

You will also find playgrounds, a giant Jumpolene bouncer, sports hall where you can play badminton and table tennis, mini golf course and much more. You can see them all here and they are all free of charge.

Also we have large outdoor areas with beautiful hiking trails and bicycle routes right outside the door.

Holiday homes on Skagen Strand

After a day of activity and new experiences, it is wonderful to be able to relax in your own private holiday home.

Here at Skagen Strand you live in a beautiful holiday home in the middle of thelovly Northern Jutland nature. Autumn's beautiful colors will be the first thing you encounter when you in the morning pick up your breakfast menu with freshly baked bread at the reception. Read more about our breakfast here.

The holiday homes are fully equipped and you can choose between houses for 5 or 6 + 1 person. They all have their own terrace where you can enjoy the autumn sun. And if you have a dog, please bring it too. Read more here. See more about our holiday homes here.


Meals on Skagen Strand

You can order freshly baked breakfast bread or a ready-made breakfast menu, which will be ready for you at the reception from 10 am 8:00. Furthermore, we have a mini shop with a small selection of groceries, as well as soft drinks, candy beer and wine. See more here

The holiday homes have fully equipped kitchens, so you won't miss anything if you want to cook yourself. You can enjoy dinner at Restaurant Skagen Strand, or order Take Away if you want to enjoy the holiday home but avoid the cooking itself.

If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact us at or by phone +45 9848 7222