Our action to limit the Corona infection

Updated 19.05.2021

Due to COVID-19 and guidelines from the Danish Health Authority, we have initiated a number of measures to keep our guests and ourselves safe here at Skagen Strand.

We follow all recommendations and guidelines from the Danish authorities.

On this page you will find necessary information.

Requirements for use of face mask

You should use facemask in all places where the public has access. This means in the reception area, Mini Shop and in the Restaurant.

Requirements for face mask do not apply to children under 12 years of age.

Requirement to present Corona Passport

You do not have to present your Corona Passport upon arrival at your Holiday Home. However, when using indoor facilities and in the restaurant, presentation of a valid Corona Passport is required.

.Children under the age of 15 must be able to document their age in the form of a publicly issued identification card, from which the name and age appear.

Sportshall and gym

Sports hall and gym are open during reception opening hours.

If you want to use the facilities, do the following:

All specified instructions must be followed:

Please note that the changing room and sauna in the sports hall are closed. You must therefore change in your holiday home. Remember to bring shoes for indoor use.


Our pool-area is open during reception opening hours. See opening hours here

Our cozy pool-area is not very large, and therefore the current restrictions mean that there can be a maximum of 15 people at the same time. That is why you have to reserve time to visit the pool-area.

We do what we can to make it as easy and fair as possible. However, it is not entirely without challenges and we therefore ask for your understanding and patience.

We also ask that you show consideration for your fellow guests so that as many as possible can visit our pool area during their stay with us. Remember that the restrictions are made for us to be safe!

It works as follows:


Times include 10 minutes in locker room before and after visiting the pool area:

8.30 - 9.50 Distributed: kl. 8.30 - 8.40 locker room / kl. 8.40 - 9.40 pool-area / kl. 9.40 - 9.50 locker room

9.30 - 10.50 Distributed: kl. 9.30 - 9.40 locker room / kl. 9.40 - 10.40 pool-area  / kl. 10.40 - 10.50 locker room

10.30 - 11.50 Distributed: kl. 10.30 - 10.40locker room / kl. 10.40 - 11.40 pool-area  / kl. 11.40 - 11.50 locker room

Etc. until closing time.

Last visitors are admitted before the reception closes. See opening hours here. Please note that you will not receive a key. You leave the center building after the visit. The door closes and locks behind you.

It is important that the times are adhered so that there at no time are too many people e.g. in the locker room. If you want to leave the pool area ahead of time, you must therefore make sure to be out of the locker room within the half an hour.

Steam bath and sauna are closed during this period.

The holiday homes

The holiday home is of course thoroughly cleaned before you arrive, and none of our employees have access to the house while you are with us. Our staff uses protective equipment in accordance with recommendations from the Danish Health Authority. All contact surfaces such as remote controls, handles, furniture and light switches are cleaned with sanitizer.

Indoor playroom

All "soft" toys have been removed and there will only be chairs and TV with Disney movies

Please, always concider the general guidelines for preventing the spread of Corona virus:

Restaurant Skagen Strand

You should always wear a face mask in the restaurant when you are not sitting down. You also have to present a Corona Passport. For opening hour klick here

Check in and out

As soon as your house is ready, you can find an envelope with your name just inside the main entrance. Here you will find your house number and key. Due to extra cleaning you should not expect your house to be ready before check in time at 3 pm

Check-out is no later than 10:30 am. If possible, we ask that you pay your expenses by credit card. The reception will contact you about your settlement.


We have hand sanitizer available and at the reception desk we have plexiglass so there is no risk of infection when in contact with the receptionist.

Mini Shop

Max. one person at a time in our mini shop, since it is quite small. We prefer not to accept cash and ask everyone to pay with credit card.

-------------------------------------------------- --------------

Money back guarantee

If you should be prevented from taking the holiday, we give you a money back guarantee when you cancel up to 48 hours before arrival.

The guarantee applies to the rental of holiday homes with arrival in 2021.

See further information here


Should you bring your own bed linen and towels?

You can purchase linen packages when booking your stay. You can also purchase with bedding so that everything is ready when you arrive. You are also welcome to bring your own.

What about equipment in the kitchen?

The kitchen is very well equipped and you will not miss anything. You can see the list here

Late check in?

If you arrive after the reception opening hours, you will find an envelope with your name, house number and key just inside the main entrance to the reception.


You can order "Take Away" breakfast and freshly baked bread and rolls every morning. You can read more here

If you have any questions, please contact us at reception@skagenstrand.dk or 9848 7222.