i Take Away - easy dinner from restaurant Skagen Strand
Take Away

Take Away at Skagen Strand

Take Away may be ordered during restaurant opening hours. In addition every Tuesdays and Wednesdays until 4.pm. Pick-up no later than 8 p.m. Waiting time may occur. Order your Take Away by phone +45 4028 6095.

You can pay in cash or use credit card.

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Take Away Menue

Min. 250 gr pan-fried plaice fillets and hand peeled shrimp, prepared for salads, asparagus, seafood dressing, lemon and caviar. Served with homemade bread and butter. DKK 169 -

Pepper steak (of filet)
With Madagascar pepper. Serves with fries, salads and pepper sauce DKK 219, -

Chicken Tender
Chicken in panko breadcrumbs with handcrafted rustic fries and aioli DKK 119,-

Classic Burger
200 g. beef in Panesco brioche with bacon, cheddar, salads and mayo. Handcrafted rustic fries and aioli. DKK 119 -

Mega Burger
400 g. beef in Panesco brioche with double bacon and cheddar, salad and mayo. Handcrafted rustic fries and aioli. DKK 169, -

With braised potatoes and peas DKK 169,-

Ketchup and remoulade DKK 10,- per pcs.
Aioli DKK 15,- per pcs.

Take Away Children (up to 11 years)

Chicken Tender
Homemade nuggets with French fries, raw carrot and ketchup DKK 69, -

Pan-fried plaice
with French fries, raw carrot, lemon, ketchup and remoulade DKK 69, -

Children’s steak (filet)
with fries and a mild pepper sauce DKK 109,-

Take Away Dessert

Pancakes - 2 pcs. with strawberry jam and chocolate sauce DKK 59, -

Old-fashioned Danish apple pie with whipped cream DKK 59,-

The menu may be subject to changes​