A la carte lunch

"Stjerneskud" - Fried plaice fillet, steamed fish fillet, prawns, and garnish. Price per person DKK 175

Tartlets with chicken in asparagus 3 pcs. Price per person DKK 99

Egg cake with lightly salted fried pork, tomato, chives, coarse rye bread and beetroot. Price per person DKK 149

"Hakkebøf" - Ground beef with fried egg, soft onions, sauce, beetroot and coarse rye bread. Price per person DKK 145

Fish plate with two homemade fishcakes and plaice fillets with lemon, coarse remoulade and lingonberries. Grilled salmon with sauce and freshly baked bread. Price per person DKK 199

Seafood symphony with prawns and lobster tails. Served with freshly steamed green asparagus, lobster dressing, garnish and freshly baked coarse bread. Price per person DKK 249

Large selection of Danish "Smørrebrød". See more here

Dessert - Pancakes with ice cream and strawberries. Price per person DKK 99

For the children - Burger w/fries, Plaice fillet w/fries or pizza - Price per person DKK 89

Evening menu 

Can also be order as Take Away - Order on the day, no later than 11.00 a.m. Phone no. +45 22799111

Todays dinner - Only DKK 119 per person. See more here


Ala Carte evening menu

Shrimp cocktail with home-made dressing, flutes and sauce, per person DKK 99

Tartlets with chicken in asparagus, per person DKK 99

Grilled salmon with fresh steamed green asparagus, sauce, flutes and butter, per person DKK 99

Main courses

Beef fillet steak with soft onions, fried eggs, peas, fries and Béarnaise sauce, per person DKK 198

Wiener schnitzel with fried potatoes, peas, butter sauce and garnish, per person DKK 198

Butter-fried plaice with parsley sprinkled potatoes, butter sauce and lingonberries, per person DKK 198

Classic Burger with rustic fries, pr. person DKK 99


Pancakes with ice cream and strawberries, per person DKK 99

Lemon fromage with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles, per person DKK 99

Ice cream symphony with 4 types of ice cream, whipped cream, sprinkles and toppings, per person DKK 99

For the children

Burger w/fries

Plaice fillet (2 pcs) w/fries

Pizza, choose between 3 varieties (ask the service)

Price per person DKK 89