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A la carte

A la carte menu

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With fresh tomatoes, basil, garlic and marinated salad DKK  59, -

Soup of the Day  DKK  99,-

Canadian Angus with salad, lemon, olive oil, parmesan and freshly ground pepper. Served with homemade bread and butter  DKK  89,-

Toast Skagen
Hand-picked prawns and asparagus in creamy dressing with herbs, Served with bread and marinated salad  DKK 119,-

Hand-peeled shrimps
Large shrimps on salads with seafood dressing, asparagus, caviar and lemon. Served with homemade bread  DKK 119, -

Homemade bread and butter  DKK  35,-


Main Course

Large ”shooting star” with pan-fried fillet of plaice and large hand-peeled shrimps, arranged with caviar, herbs lemon and shellfish. Served with homemade bread and butter. (Glutenfree + DKK 20) DKK 209

Of veal with braised potatoes, peas and butter sauce DKK 199

Fresh pasta
Pasta fettuccine with grilled chicken, parmesan, basil pesto, parsley, garlic and mushrooms. With truffle oil + DKK 25 (Also availbale as vegetarian)  DKK 149

Caesar salad
Salad in creamy garlic mayo with grilled chicken, bacon, parmesan and croutons (Also available as vegetarian)  DKK 159

Classical Burger
200 gr. beef in a Panesco brioche  with bacon, cheddar, salads and mayo.Handcrafted rustic fries and aioli (Also available as vegetarian. Glutenfree + DKK 20) DKK 149

Mega Burger
400 gr. beef in a a Panesco brioche with double bacon and cheddar, salads and mayo. Handcrafted rustic fries and aioli (Also available as vegetarian. Glutenfree + DKK 20)  DKK 199



Sundae ice cream
No fuss, Just plain softice with chocolate sauce DKK 59, -

Skagen Strand’s freshly baked pancakes with ice cream, strawberry jam and chocolate sauce. A classic you will not regret DKK 89, -

French chocolate fondant
Lukewarm bleeding chocolate cake with nougatine and ice cream DKK 99, -

Danish apple pie
Old-fashioned Danish apple pie with whipped cream DKK 59, -

Irish Coffe 
With 3 cl. Tullamore, and whipped cream  DKK  55,-

Hot Chocolate with 3 cl. Brandy, and whipped cream DKK   55,-