A la carte

A la carte menu

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with a small marinated salad. DKK 59,-

Roasted garlicbread with tomato and basil pesto. With a small marinated salad. DKK  79,-

Fish Soup (Chef´s recommandation)
Skagen Strand’s creamy fish soup with white wine, fennel, herbs and cream, served with mussels. For this, home baked bread. DKK 129,-

Moules marinieres
Eco. mussels served in their own soup flavored with garlic, lemon, white wine and cream. For this, home baked bread DKK  119,-

Cold-smoked salmon
With small salads and herbs, with tartar sauce and homemade bread. DKK 129, -
With hand-peeled shrimp. DKK 179, -

Mixed Salad
With white balsamico. DKK  45,-

Homemade bread and butter (per person). DKK 29,-


The Chef´s recommandation:
Our steaks come from Argentine Angus and Hereford cattle, that are grain-fed for the best quality, tenderness and taste experience

Garlic Steak
250 gr Served with summer greens, aioli, spiced butter and rustic fries. DKK 299,-
Marinated Salad DKK 39,-

Bearnaise Steak
Served with summer greens, bearnaise-creme, spiced butter and rustic fries.DKK 299,-      
Marinated Salad DKK 39,-                

Our wine-recommandation:
Le-fagé cuvée prestige, Bergerac DKK 399,-
Hasienda Monasterio, fra Ribero del duero Spanien DKK 749,-

Classic Burger
200 gr. beef in a Panesco brioche  with bacon, cheddar, salads and mayo. Rustic fries and aioli. DKK 179,-

Mega Burger
400 gr. beef in a a Panesco brioche with double bacon and cheddar, salads and mayo. Rustic fries and aioli. DKK 229,-

Caesar salad
Salad turned in Caesar dressing with parmesan, bacon and croutons. Served with chicken in panko bread crumbs. DKK 169,-

Maincourses Fish and shellfish

The Chef´s recommandation: Fish Soup
Skagen Strand’s creamy fish soup made with white wine, fennel and herbs. With white fish and seafood fresh from the Fish Auktion. Served with homemade bread. DKK 219,-             

Our wine-recommandation:
Le fagé Sauvignon blanc – frankrig. DKK 299,-

Moules fries
Eco. mussels made with white wine and cream, basil, garlic and lemon, served in their own soup. Rustic fries and aioli. DKK 219,-

Our wine-recommandation:
La Galope Sauvignon Blanc, Gascogne, France  DKK 329,-              

Large ”shooting star” with fillet of plaice from the fish auction, and large hand-peeled shrimps, arranged with caviar, herbs lemon and shellfish. Served with homemade bread and butter. DKK 239,-

Our wine-recommandation:
Riesling F.E. Trimbach from Alsace  DKK 429,-


Sundae ice cream
No fuss, just plain vanilla icecream with chocolate sauce. DKK 79,-            

2 pancakes with vanilla icecream, strawberry jam and chocolate sauce. DKK 99,-

French Chocolate Fondant
Bleeding chocolate cake served with with vanilla icecream and fresh fruit. DKK 99,-

Fresh fruit and berries in crispy meringue with lightly whipped cream. DKK 99,-

Children menu (up til 11 years)

Pan Fried Plaice
With french fries, cucumber, lemon, ketchup and remoulade. DKK  89,-

Also for adults. DKK 169,-

Chicken Tenders (Homemade nuggets).
With French fries, cucumber and ketchup. DKK  89,-

Also for adults. DKK 159,-

With french fries. DKK 109, -

Children’s steak
Served with french fries, bearnaise cream and vegetables. DKK 149, -

Children Icecream
Vanilla icecream with choclate sauce. DKK  39,-

Homemade pancakes with vanilla icecream strawberry jam and choclate sauce. DKK  59,-