A la carte

A la carte menu

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Please note, that when visiting Restaurant Skagen Strand, everyone over the age of 15 must present Coronapas. Does not apply for picking up Take Away, but then you have to wear facemask (over age 12 years)

See also the Take Away Menu


Garlic Bread
with a small marinated salat DKK 59,-

Roasted garlicbread with tomato and basil pesto DKK  79,-

Fish Soup (Chef recommends)
Skagen Strand’s creamy fish soup with white wine, fennel, herbs and cream, served with mussels. For this, home baked bread DKK 129,-

Mixed Salad
With white balsamico  DKK  45,-

Homemade bread and butter (per person) DKK  29,-                    


The Chef´s recommandation:
Our steaks come from Agentine Angus and Hereford cattle, that are grain-fed for the best quality, tenderness and taste expericence.

Garlic Steak
250 gr Served with summer greens, aioli, spiced butter and rustic fries
DKK 275,-
Marinated Salad DKK 39,-

Bearnaise Steak
Served with summer greens, bearnaise-creme, spiced butter and rustic fries  DKK 275,-       
Marinated Salad DKK 39,-      

Ribeye Steak   
350 - 400 gr Served with summer greens, bearnaise-creme, spiced butter and rustic fries  DKK 349,-     
Marinated Salad DKK 39,-                                  

Our wine-recommandation:

Le-fagé cuvée prestige, Bergerac DKK 399,-
Hasienda Monasterio, fra Ribero del duero Spanien DKK 799,-

Fish Soup
Skagen Strand’s creamy fish soup made with white wine, fennel and herbs. With white fish and seafood fresh from the Fish Auktion. Served with homemade bread DKK 209,-

Our wine-recommandation:
Chablis Le Classique, pascal Bouchard DKK 499,-


Classic Burger
200 gr. beef in a Panesco brioche  with bacon, cheddar, salads and mayo. Rustic fries and aioli  DKK 159,-

Mega Burger
400 gr. beef in a a Panesco brioche with double bacon and cheddar, salads and mayo. Rustic fries and aioli DKK 209,-    

Caesar salad
Salad turned in Caesar dressing with parmesan, bacon and croutons. Served with chicken in panko bread crumbs DKK 159,-


Sundae ice cream
No fuss, just plain softice with chocolate sauce DKK 69,-                             

2 pancakes with ice cream, strawberry jam and chocolate sauce DKK 89,-              

French Chocolate Fondant
Bleeding chocolate cake served with with soft Ice and fresh fruit DKK 99,-    

Fresh lokcal strrawberrys in crispy meringue with lightly whipped cream DKK 89,-

Children menu (up til 11 years)

Pan Fried Plaice
With French fries, cucumber, lemon, ketchup and remoulade DKK  79,-

Also for adults DKK 149,-

Chicken Tenders (Homemade nuggets)
With French fries, cucumber and ketchup DKK  79,-

Also for adults DKK 149,-

Offer - All children’s dishes including one children Ice Cream DKK 100

Children Ice cream
Vanilla ice with choclate sauce DKK  39,-

Homemade pancakes with ice cream, strawberry jam and choclate sauce DKK  59,-