Kids only

"For kids only" at Skagen Strand

We have lots of activities for the kids simply because children love to play and be active. Many of the activities are outdoors, placed in the green areas nearby the Holiday Houses.

Jumpolene bouncer
Always very popular and it is really big so many of kids can jump at the same time.

Tracks where you can go full speed ahead in you mooncar.

Aerial runway
It tickles - hold on - here you go...

Our junglepath has various challenges and obstacles, such as climbing wall, jump in car tires, climbing in nets and so on.

There are several playgrounds in the area near the Holiday Houses. It is a safe area so the kids are able to run around freely.

We have a house where you can move in

Indoor playroom
Next to the restaurant we have a cozy playroom with different toys, pillows, puzzles and a big flatscreen with Disney films.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us. Call +45 9848 7222 or send an e-mail