Nature in Skagen

Nature in Skagen

One of the most important attractions at the top of Denmark, North Jutland is the impressive nature. The countryside here is extremely fascinating and full of contrasts.

Nature around Skagen Strand

This varied landscape combined with our four beautiful seasons makes a visit to the region equally interesting all year round, so - all in all - it is with good reason that North Jutland is the Danes' favourite holiday destination.

We should also mention, that North Jutland allows visitors to enjoy the sight of the sun rising over the Kattegat and, without travelling far, find themselves at the west coast in the evening to witness the unique light, so celebrated in our region together with the picturesque sunsets - all within the same day. An experience which is sheer delight.

Nature experiences at the top of Denmark

The Sanded up Church
One of the “victims” of the sand drift is the sanded-up church, which used to be one of the biggest churches in Vendsyssel. The sand drift reached the church at the end of the 18th century and the congregation had to dig their way into the church for services until 1795, when the church was eventually closed down.

That’s really the top of Denmark: Grenen, where two oceans - the Kattegat and the Skagerrak - meet. Grenen is subject to constant changes due to the interaction with nature and wind.

Råbjerg Mile
Råbjerg Mile is one of the biggest migrating dunes in Europe, including about 3.5 million m3 of sand. This impressive heap of sand is about 35-40 metres high and actually forms a mini desert that covers almost 1 km2. The dune migrates at an average speed of 15 metres/year, following the predominant wind in north-eastern direction

Hulsig Heath
On the preserved Hulsig Heath just south of Skagen you will find a gorgeous landscape with dunes as high as 25 metres; the hollows consist of moist ground or stony plains. A variety of rare birds breed here, e.g. the tawny pipit and the woodlark, and resting eagles and other birds of pray are frequently seen in the open areas during migration seasons.

Seals at the top of Denmark
Seals are a frequent sight here at the top. There is quite a big seal population in the water around Skagen,and you can meet seals and seal pups on the beaches all year round. Enjoy them.They are shy, but it is natural for them to rest on the beach.

Birds on the top of Denmark
Skagen is a paradise for bird watchers.The lengthy headland, which is Denmark’s northernmost point, serves as a kind of bottleneck to the birds during their migratory flights. Therefore, Skagen is known by bird-lovers as one of Northern Europe’s best migration places. Of course, there are birds in Skagen all year round, but in spring and autumn their numbers are abundant, and many bird watchers come to Skagen to see the great variety of species. What you will see depends greatly on the weather.

Orchids at the top of Denmark
Just like it is a full-scale geological laboratory, Skagen’s Gren is also a classic example of vegetation’s immigration and development of new land.The best way to see this is to take a walk along the Northern beach –and make detours into the country as well. Furthest out towards the beach,we find the youngest sand banks where dunes have begun to develop. 

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