Hiking in Denmark

Inspiration for hiking in Denmark

The region around Skagen has an infinite amount of fantastic hiking in varied landscapes. Here are the most perfect surroundings – either in the exciting heaths, the area near the dune Råbjerg Mile or along the coastline.

The perfect starting point for hiking in Denmark

Whether you enjoy long walks or shorter distances you have the perfect starting point at Skagen Strand Holiday Center. Just outside the door of your Holiday Home you will find the beautiful Danish nature and you can easily find fantastic hiking trails.

With the sea as our close neighbor, a walk along the beach is quite obvious. You can walk along the beach into Skagen town. It is 12 kilometers and if you wish, you can choose to take the train back. It stops right outside our front door.

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Hiking on your own

The area around Skagen offers some of the most beautiful hiking trails in Denmark and there are many to choose from.


 In 2015 “Grenensporet” opened and it consists of over 20 km of different hiking trails at Grenen. The shortest is 3 km. The longest hiking route is 10 km. This hiking trail passes by  the lighthouse at Grenen and is quite unique. Through touch screens along the trails guides are telling stories in Danish, English and German. Visitors can also follow the stories via the app "The Top of Denmark"

The North Sea Trail - a hiking trail through the area's cultural history

The North Sea Trail takes you along both the West Coast and the Kattegat coast - west from Løkken to Skagen and from Skagen further south to Voerså. This hiking route is established upon ancient historical tracks and consists of more than 5000 km of trails. The hiking routes are marked with blue signs and there are information boards with sights along the paths.


In recent years, the Clover Trails "Kløverstien" has been established in Hirtshals, Hjørring, Løkken and Sæby. Each trail consists of four hiking routes with a common starting point and varying length.The hiking routes lead you through both historical areas and stunning scenery.

The ancient Road Hærvejen

Hærvejen is part of the historic pilgrimage route from Trondheim Cathedral in Norway to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. In North Jutland, Hærvejen takes you  from Frederikshavn via Aalborg to Viborg and from Hirtshals to Viborg, where it continues to the south.

Hærvejen is now restored as hiking trails with signs and information along the way. Hærvejen can provide many wonderful walks in Denmark - also in North Jutland. This ancient road is well visited by pilgrims and other hikers. You can choose to walk parts of Hærvejen as day trips. Regardless if you choose longer or shorter parts of Hærvejen, the hike will bring you through beautiful scenery.

Hiking festival in September

If you want to go hiking in Denmark together with other happy hikers, you should attend the Skagen Hiking Festival  in September. Local guides will guide you along paths you might not otherwise find. This is a great opportunity to get to know the area and some of the famous attractions, and also to socialize and get new acquaintances. 

Hiking is good for your health, both physically and mentally. If you need a break from the everyday stress, hiking in Denmark will do you good. You will love the beautiful scenery and enjoy the tranquility.