Beaches near Skagen Strand

Only 800 m. from Skagen Strand lies one of the best beaches in Denmark, Hulsig beach.

Hulsig beach near Skagen Strand

There are plenty of fine sand and sanddunes, it's very kid friendly and with plenty of space to privacy. You can enjoy the gentle waves and the clean water. The beach is carfree zone.


Here at the top of Denmark it is said that when the weather is not so well on the east coast - yes, then the weather is much better on the west coast ...

So if it is windy on Hulsig beach, then just take the journey to the west coast, Kandestederne or Skiveren. There is only about 6 km from east to west when you drive from Skagen Strand.

On the west coast nature is a little more harsh. Kandestedernes beach is very broad with high sanddunes, and is a perfect place to enjoy the view over the west coast and the open spaces. Here you are allowed to drive on the beaches.

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