Attractions in our area

Staying here at Skagen Strand you have the perfect spot for visiting all the attractions in the Skagen area. See video from the area

We have the most beautiful nature, lovely sandy beaches, museums, art and some very special attractions that you absolutely should visit during your stay. 

If you are travelling with children we offer a lot of facilities here at Skagen Strand, but the Skagen area also has a lot of fun for the children.

Skagen Town

Visit the charming town of Skagen - the northernmost town in Denmark

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Fun activities

Fun experiences and activities in the area - for both kids and adults

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Active Holiday

If you want to stay active during your holiday the area has a lot to offer

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Art & Culture

See the famous Skagen paintings or learn more about
the natural history of Skagen

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The nature 

Experience the nature in the Skagen area -  it is fascinating and full of contrasts

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Enjoy the beautiful beaches of fine sand and sanddunes

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If you have any questions you are always welcome to contact us at or +45 9848 7222